Trade Development with Western Australian Interstate Transport Subsidy for Western Australian Manufacturers

  Western Australian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that manufacture goods that are manufactured domestically. Each producer who meets the eligibility criteria and applies for this program will be offered a subsidy of: The Western Australian Government announced a new investment of $13 million to create regional jobs and boost the regional economy with a … Read more

Financial support for selling your commodities by water.

  In this article, we will discuss a subsidy to promote export of by sea route. In 2016, the total amount of financial support increased from 1.2 billion to 3 billion yuan for all crops. The Civil Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development launched a five-year ‘Reptiles by water’ project for financial … Read more

The State APMC Act Must Ensure Licensing of E-Trading

Agriculture plays a critical role in the Indian economy. The Indian food system is primarily dependent on farmers to grow crops and produce raw commodities for industries to take it to the next step to make processed foods for consumers. To make India food secure, it is essential to have an up-to-date State APMC Act … Read more

How To Apply for Home Loans for Senior Citizens

Increasingly realty prices are reaching unprecedented highs in the housing market. Hence, it’s more difficult to take up a home loan. The introduction discusses how introduced an innovative product which makes the process of applying for home loans for seniors straightforward and easy. The 5-Step process to lending for Seniors who are self-employed, Non … Read more

Important Changes in PMAY Guidelines

Recently there has been some changes made in the guidelines associated to the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. One provision is that now, people will be eligible for this pro-poor housing scheme based on the location of their parents. Previously, people had to study up to 8th standard to qualify. There has also been other amendments … Read more